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RY Flexographic Printing Machine for PP Woven Sack

RY Flexographic Printing Machine for PP Woven Sack

RY Flexographic Printing Machine for PP Woven Sack
Adopting soft sensltive resin as its printing plate,this kind of printing machine can be used to print PP/PE woven cloth tube,PP/PE film tube,cellophane and web.This is an ideal equipment for printing PP/PE woven cloth,shopping bags,vest bags,as well as garment bags,etc.
Performance an Characteristics
1.  Easy operation,flexible start,accurate register.
2.  The meter can preset printing quantlty,so that the machine stops automatically when reaching preset number or the material running out.
3.  Lift and lower the printing rollers manually or autimatically,theprinting ink can automatically stir after being lifted,so as to avoid beingdried and frozen.
4.  the printing ink is transmitted by cobweb cylinder,which assures even ink color.
5.  reliable drying system,high speed runningand auto turn-off once the machine stops.
6.  360 degrees continuous and adjustable longitudinal register plate.
7.  Inverter motor for speed regulation adapts to different printing speed.
8.  Buttons for “click”and “stop”on roller base and rewinding stand,which are convenient to operate the machine while installing the plate.
Main technical data:

type DS-RY2800B DS-RY4800B DS-RY6800B
Max.width of printing material(mm) 1200 1200 1200
Max.printing width(mm) 700 700 700
Printing length(mm) 230-1200 230-1200 230-1200
Max.printing colors 2 4 6
Printing speed(m/min) 5-50 5-50 5-50
Gross power(kw) 10 10 15
Weight(kg) 18000 30000 4000
Installing dimensions(mm) 4000×1800×2200 6000×1800×2400 6000×1800×2400

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