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SJLS Plastic Tape Extrusion Line

SJLS Plastic Tape Extrusion Line

SJLS Plastic Tape Extrusion Line
Performance and Characteristics
The machine unit can take PP、PE as the raw materials which should be heated、extruded、cooled、cut & drawn to the flat fibers.The flat fibers would be rolled on the bobbins for weaving the sacks by the circular loom.The flat fibers can be drawn by the materias is including of the reclaimed materials,powder or pellet materials and themixed materials of them.In this case,the suitable range of the materials has been extended more.Then machine unit can save the powder conumptions.It’s quite convenience for operating & maintenance of the machine unit.
The cylinder & screw of the extruder are made by alloy steel of 38CrMoAIA.After the treatment of nitric,its hardness is much higher than HV950.The extruder and drawing devices are controlled by step less speed charge device.Since all the drawing rollers had been treated by Electroplating with the hard chromium,so their service lives had been extended much longer.
Main technical date:

type SJLS-120/1000 SJLS-135/1600 SJLS-145/2000
Output of production 80-100 125-145 165-185
Diameter of screw(mm) 120 135 145
L/d ratio of screw 23-26 23-26 23-26
Speed of screw(r/min) 10-45 10-45 10-45
Length of die lip(mm) 1000 1600 2000
Power of extruder main engine(kw) 30 37 55
Total power of installed 95 140 184
Quantity of winding spindles(pca) 200 270 360
Dimension(mm) 1500×1750×1400 17000×2600×1450 20000×3200×1450
Total weight(kg) 6000 8000 9000

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