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SJLS-FS Cam type winding machine

SJLS-FS Cam type winding machine

SJLS-FS Cam type winding machine
Performance and Characteristics
The series of cam style winding machine is the latest creations of our company.It has been adopted the special cams as the cardio shape.There are total 5 layers of the winding axies and all of these winding axies have been distributed at machine’s two sides.The cam style winding machine has held the characters including high effciency,reducing the attritions,good quality of the winded spindles.The machine is stable while operating and the machine can save the areas of occupation for you evidently.
Main technical data

Type Layers of winding axies Quantlty of winding axies Liner veloclty of winding fibers Liner veloclty of winding fibers Power of main engine Total power of winding axies engines Dimension(mm) Gross weight
SJLS-FS-150 5 150 200mm 30-140m/min 2.2KW 7.5KW 4700×1500×1700 2800KG
SJLS-FS-170 5 170 200mm 30-140m/min 2.2KW 8.5KW 5200×1500×1700 3000KG
SJLS-FS-200 5 200 200mm 30-140m/min 2.2KW 9.5KW 5200×1500×1700 3400KG
SJLS-FS-240 5 240 200mm 30-140m/min 3KW 12KW 6000×1500×1700 4200KG
SJLS-FS-270 5 270 200mm 30-140m/min 3KW 15KW 7000×1500×1700 5300KG
SJLS-FS-360 5 360 200mm 30-140m/min 4KW 19KW 10000×1500×1700 6600KG
SJLS-FS-420 5 420 200mm 30-140m/min 4KW 21KW 11500×1500×1700 7300KG
SJLS-FS-480 5 480 200mm 30-140m/min 4KW 24 13000×1500×1700 8100KG

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